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Living Times specializes in the "Infinite Preservation" of your most important events and memories.  Build a legacy that will never fade away, decay, corrode, deteriorate or vanish through the elements of time, neglect, theft, water, pets or hoarding.   Protect the "Times of your Life" (photos, videos, blogs and other memories) for today, tomorrow - but more importantly - FOREVER!!!   Share only with those you choose to invite. For more information click HERE

Living Times is not just for the "living" , but for those who are "computer-less" or even "deceased" (these important people are virtually forgotten about in our current "information age").   Living Times provides the ability to collaborate with others across the globe to create and contribute additional content on behalf of others who otherwise would not be able to do so.   Let the entire family help grandma or grandpa - from near or far away - build a great profile and keep in touch with other family and friends at the same time.  Pull your favorite family members out of the scrapbooks and photo albums, dust them off and share them with the world.  It's not just the rich and famous that should be remembered throughout the ages of time. For more information click HERE

Create an online memorial site to honor and celebrate the existence of your departed loved ones for the remembrances, enlightenment, benefit, and curiosity of generations to come.   Reminisce or pay respects whenever  you feel like it, wherever  you may be. For more information click HERE



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