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Posted 4 year(s) ago by Doreen Davis Hansen
Category: My Ancestors
580 views, 2 comments
 John Burt, son of William Burt   January 15, 2013 St. George, Utah.  January 15, 1876, St. George, Utah. 137 years ag...
Posted 5 year(s) ago by William Willden Burt
636 views, 0 comments
DIARY OF WILLIAM W. BURT COMMENCING MAY 17th, 1924   Ending November 30 th 1924   Travels of Elder W W Burt Departing...
Posted 6 year(s) ago by Chordaires Show Chorus SunLakes
1050 views, 0 comments
Posted 6 year(s) ago by Aaron Test
637 views, 1 comments
my personal blog entry 
Posted 7 year(s) ago by Chordaires Show Chorus SunLakes
764 views, 0 comments
Under the direction of Doreen Hansen, the Chordaires Chorus offers a unique form of entertainment with a varied repertoire of music f...
Posted 7 year(s) ago by Ken Hansen
1006 views, 1 comments
  Ken Hansen's Life Story Given by his father, Bob Hansen September 2, 2010   Early Life & Family:  ...
Posted 7 year(s) ago by Robert Disbrow
954 views, 1 comments
Robert Diz-Z Disbrow has made an impact on so many lives in the Mesa area and we are greatful for your time and dedication to your cause...
Posted 7 year(s) ago by Chordaires Show Chorus SunLakes
980 views, 0 comments
WHAT IS LIVING TIMES:   A Social Network site - similar to Facebook, MySpace and other similar web sites.  This sp...
Posted 7 year(s) ago by Richard Hudson Fisher
Category: My Family
780 views, 2 comments
My name is Angela Boyce.   A Grandaughter.   I just want to let everyone, who doesn’t already, know my grandpa is a gr...
Posted 8 year(s) ago by Thomas Jefferson
578 views, 1 comments
"A  government big enough   to  give you everything you want, is strong  enough to take everything you have." &#...